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The Australian Wealth Advisors Group is a public company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the Ticker Code - WAG

ASX Company Announcements

AWAG Company Prospectus

Company AGM and Shareholder Meeting


General Meetings

General meetings provide an opportunity for shareholders to interact with the board and management. The notices of meetings and associated explanatory material for each general meeting are provided on the company’s website. The board encourages full participation of shareholders at general meetings to facilitate accountability and discuss the company’s strategy. The company’s external auditor will attend the annual general meetings of the company to answer questions concerning the audit and the content of the auditor’s report.


Shareholders are encouraged to vote on the resolutions put forward at general meetings of the company. The methods by which shareholders may cast their votes at a general meeting are set out in the notice of meeting. Shareholders who are unable to attend general meetings of the company are encouraged to vote on the proposed resolutions by casting a direct vote prior to the meeting or by appointing a proxy. Shareholders will be provided with a reasonable opportunity as a whole at the meeting to ask questions about, or make comments on, the management of the company.


To efficiently communicate with shareholders and reduce paper usage, the company encourages shareholders to elect to receive communications electronically. Shareholders can receive these communications by reviewing or updating their preferences and providing an email address to the company’s share registry, Registry Direct, at Shareholders can also communicate by email with the company at and with Registry Direct at

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