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AWAG is currently applying to list as a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange. AWAG specializes in mergers and acquisitions within the financial services sector. Our team of experts has been assembled to look at opportunities across a suite of verticals that will create a diversified wealth management company. Below are members of our group.


CHPW Financial 

CHPW Financial Logo, a subsidiary of AWAG

CHPW is a Melbourne based financial advisor dealer group. Commitment, Honesty, Patience and Wisdom are our core values. We want to ensure everyone who joins us is of the right cultural fit and has the right sense of get-up-and-go ethics and customer focused philosophy to play part in our growing success. 

You will, in-turn tap into our ever growing network of clients, services and innovations, putting your own business in the path of future success.


Armytage Private

Armytage Private is a boutique investment management firm majority owned by members of its investment team and key executives.

Armytage specialises in the active management of Australian equity portfolios and currently manages strategies on behalf of a wide range of investors including charitable trusts, corporations, superannuation funds, family trusts and individuals.



Armytage is able to offer its investment capabilities through a spectrum of core Australian equity solutions:

  • The Armytage Australian Equity Income Fund;

  • Armytage Strategic Opportunities Fund;

  • Armytage Micro Cap Activist Fund; and

  • The Armytage Individually Managed Account (IMA) service for wholesale investors

Armytage Private Logo, a subsidiary of AWAG

The Board of AWAG is unaware of any environmental or social risks pertaining to any of its investments. 

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